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Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve



Upper Forearm


18cm - 23cm


23cm - 28cm


28cm and above

One Elbow Sleeve per purchase




Moisture Wicking

Breathable and Thermal Regulating

Seamless Technology


Made in USA

  • Tennis Elbow, Elbow Tendinitis, and Golfer’s Elbow Relief: The compression elbow sleeve features Advance + Compression Technology - a cuff that is able to be folded over to provide a greater amount of compression to the upper forearm area. This helps to apply pressure where you need it the most to alleviate elbow pain.
  • Injury Prevention: The Zensah Elbow Sleeve helps to prevent injuries by stabilizing the muscles in the elbow area. This prevents injuries from developing and micro-tears of muscles. The elbow sleeve also has chevron ribbing for enhanced support to the forearm area.
  • Ultra-Comfortable Zensah Fabric: Made with advanced Zensah fabric, the Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve is moisture wicking, anti-odor, and ultra-comfortable. The compression elbow sleeve will not become heavy with perspiration, staying lightweight. It is breathable, ensuring you don’t get hot while wearing. It is made of a nylon and spandex blend. We guarantee this is the best elbow sleeve you will ever use.
  • Stays in Place and Full Range of Motion: The compression elbow sleeve features a no-slip cuff to prevent the elbow sleeve from slipping or sliding. Whether using the elbow sleeve for tennis or to treat elbow pain from an overuse injury, the compression in the elbow sleeve allows it to stay in place and not slip or slide unlike traditional tennis elbow straps. The lightweight design of the elbow sleeve provides a full range of motion unlike hard elbow braces.
  • One Elbow Sleeve per Purchase: Each purchase includes one single compression elbow sleeve. It is recommended that the elbow sleeve not be worn during sleep.


The Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve helps to relieve tennis elbow and golfers elbow by providing targeted compression at the exact source of the pain. The compression elbow sleeve features a flip cuff that allows additional compression when extra relief is needed. The compression elbow sleeve is lightweight, offering a full range of motion, while still providing support and relief from elbow tendonitis.

A no-slip cuff helps to ensure that the elbow sleeve stays in place even during the toughest tennis matches. The fabric is moisture wicking, meaning it will not become heavy with perspiration. The Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve is the best elbow sleeve for golfers elbow, tennis elbow and elbow tendonitis relief. The elbow sleeve is also great for baseball and softball related elbow pain.